How to use Apple Pencil with any iPhone or iPad

Apple Pencil is one of the main accessories for iPad Pro and iPad 6th generation. It is very easy and convenient to use it to draw, sketch, write down important notes, edit documents and much more.

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If you have Apple Pencil, then you know that it only works with iPad Pro and the latest model iPad. If you try to use it with iPhone or older models iPad, it won't work. To use the stylus with a device, you first need to pair them.

Fortunately, there is one little trick that allows you to use Apple Pencil with either iPhone or iPad. The video below shows how you can wrap multiple layers of tissue paper around the tip of the stylus and then moisten it. You can then use Apple Pencil with either iPhone or iPad.

The main thing is to make sure that the tip Apple of the Pencil sticks out slightly from under the napkin. This method is not very convenient, but at least it works.

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