How to use Apple Pay on iPhone X

Over the past couple of years we have become accustomed to using Apple Pay. Double click on the Home button, confirm Touch ID, done – purchase paid! iPhone X does not have a Home button or Touch ID. Accordingly, Apple Pay works differently. More on this below.

Apple - Pay - iPhone - X

Activating Apple Pay to iPhone X using Face ID consists of three parts.

Step 1: Double click the side button

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone X

First you need to double-click on the side button. A screen with Apple Pay will open.

Step 2: face scan

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone X

After that, you will see a small animation on the screen. Bring your phone to your face and authenticate with Face ID.

Step 3: Bring your phone to the terminal

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone X

When authentication is complete, you will see the text 'Move the device to the terminal'. Do this and the payment will be completed. Additional actions, if necessary, will need to be performed already at the terminal.

If you are used to using the old method Apple Pay, the new process will take a little longer to get used to. In essence, the method remains the same, but now it is split into two parts.

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