How to unlock iPhone X after Face ID error without leaving lock screen

Face ID is the newest attempt Apple to revolutionize the world of smartphones, and the technology seems like real magic when it works as it should. However, sometimes Face ID doesn't work the way it should. When the system cannot recognize you, an unpleasant situation arises: it is not clear how to make another attempt without opening the main screen or the last used application. If you just need to unlock your phone to see your notifications, it won't be that easy.

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It seems that the only option is to lock the phone and then try to authenticate again. It really works, but it’s long and inconvenient. Fortunately, there is another way to make a second authentication attempt after the Face ID error.

How to unlock iPhone X after Face ID error without leaving lock screen

After an unsuccessful attempt, you can make a second, using a gesture that at first seems rather difficult to you. After an error on the lock screen, pull the Home indicator slightly up and then down. It will be difficult at first, but when you are able to perform that gesture, you will get used to it over time. If after such a gesture you successfully unlock your phone, a screen with your notifications will open.

It is unclear whether this function was added intentionally, but this way it is very quick and convenient to open notifications after failed authentication.

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