How to disable Emergency call – SOS to iPhone X

In iPhone X there is an Emergency Call function – SOS, which automatically calls emergency services if you hold down all the buttons on the device for a few seconds. This action starts a countdown from 3 to 1 and then initiates an emergency call. This feature can be useful in some situations, but it's very easy to activate it accidentally when trying to force restart, take a screenshot, or temporarily disable Face ID.

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The function can be disabled in Settings. After that, you can still use it, but to start the call, you will need to swipe across the screen, and not just hold down all the iPhone X buttons.

How to disable automatic call SOS to iPhone X

This action will only disable the automatic start of emergency calls, but if you hold down the buttons, you can still use the function by swiping the screen.

  1. Open Settings on iPhone X and go to Emergency Call – SOS.
  2. Click on the radio button next to 'Auto Call' to make it go green.

How to disable Emergency call - SOS to iPhone X

After that, you can still activate the Emergency Call – SOS screen (which also has a shutdown slider and a Medical Card) without making an accidental emergency call.

With Auto Call turned off, you have to swipe across the screen, and only then the call will start.

How to disable Emergency call - SOS to iPhone X

Do not forget that emergency services can be called and Siri, so if necessary, you can do this without even touching the phone.

If you're wondering, then yes – people have repeatedly accidentally called emergency services because of this function or managed to cancel the call at the last second. The same function is in Apple Watch, and it also leads to random calls.

If you also faced such a problem and are worried that you can make a call accidentally, just turn off Auto Call in Settings and live in peace.

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