How to determine the manufacturer of your iPhone 6s processor: TSMC or Samsung A9

Probably one of the most important criteria when choosing a smartphone is the battery life. Therefore, it is not surprising that so much attention is being drawn to the problem of different operating times for A9 chips from Samsung and TSMC.

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Apple has confirmed the difference between Samsung and TSMC chips, but insists that the difference is minimal.

There is a known method for determining which chip is installed in a particular iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. Unfortunately, this method is no longer available because the application developer removed it from the store; the application may have violated the policy App Store associated with the Enterprise certificate. Instead, he published the source code for the application. To compile it and install the program, you need XCode and a valid account iOS – the developer.

However, there is now a much easier way to find out what processor your new one is iPhone; there is a new free app for this, available at App Store. Instructions for using it:

How to check which chip is in your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

  • Download Battery Memory System Status Monitor app for free from App Store.
  • Start BMSSM.
  • Click on the System tab at the top of the screen.
  • Information about model, name, OS, kernel, CPU count, cache line length, L1 cache size, etc. will be displayed.

iPhone 6s - TSMC or Samsung A9 Chip

  • The model name contains information about the installed processor. You can decipher them like this:
    • N66mAP – iPhone 6s Plus with A9 chip manufactured by TSMC.
    • N66AP – iPhone 6s Plus with A9 chip manufactured by Samsung.
    • N71mAP – iPhone 6s with A9 chip manufactured by TSMC.
    • N71AP – iPhone 6s with A9 chip manufactured by Samsung.

Thus, the letter m in the model name says that your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus has a built-in TSMC chip, which is considered “good”.

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