HomeKit update will add support for new languages ​​and features iOS

While the three new iPhones and Apple Watch 4 were undoubtedly the stars of today's launch Apple, there was some good news for the owners HomePod from the Cupertino stage too.

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In particular, since the smart speaker is officially available in Mexico and Spain, the developers have added support for the Spanish language. Canadian users also got access to Canadian French. Both language packs are available as a free update.

Apple also announced a couple of new features coming in HomePod. First, you can now use the Quick Commands Siri. Thanks to the Shortcuts application, you can add the desired voice commands to the speaker memory yourself. Why is this cool? With just one command, you can start a sequence of actions – for example, order your favorite pizza through the application on your phone or voice all the tasks for today through the Calendar.


In addition, now you can set multiple timers at once via HomePod. This is especially useful when cooking when you are working with different foods at the same time. Also through HomePod you can now make a call or answer an incoming call. Just tell which user you want to call and HomePod will dial the desired number via iPhone.

The latter function will certainly appeal to many. Now, in order to ask Siri to include a specific song through HomePod, it is not at all necessary to remember the name of the track. Sing or dictate a couple of lines, and the column will find a song with such lyrics in the library.

Also, the developers added the simultaneous management of multiple columns – if you wanted to invest in a couple HomePod, now is the time.

Note that voice control HomePod is still quite limited in terms of music sources. Although the speaker supports Spotify and a number of other streaming services, through Siri you can only control playback through Apple Music.

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