Front camera and sensors iPhone will be used to measure health data

A new patent Apple found online talks about using a front-facing camera, as well as distance and light sensors to measure a user's health data. The patent also mentions more advanced technologies, for example, the introduction of electrical contacts to measure the percentage of fat and conduct an ECG (electrocardiography).


The front camera and light sensors can be used to measure oxygen levels, pulse, perfusion index, and even monitor respiration rate.

All data collected by the sensors will be stored in the Health app. The app currently contains heart rate, blood pressure, activity and other information from third-party apps. Since it is already being used for health related tasks, adding new dimensions would make sense.

The patent Apple makes it clear that advanced measurements will require additional technique.

'The use of a gallium-indium arsenide photodiode will allow a wider spectrum of light to be detected than using a silicon photodiode. Gallium-indium arsenide photodiodes are usually not used as light sensors, since they are more expensive than silicone ones, and the latter have a more limited spectrum of light. '

Next month Apple should present a new Face ID sensor at iPhone 8. We are unlikely to see these advanced health sensors at iPhone this year, but the idea might be used in the following models. The fact that Apple has increased its emphasis on health-related measurements, the new features will definitely appeal to customers.

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