First opinions on iPhone Xs: the coolest features

The first reviews for iPhone Xs and Xs Max are already appearing on the net, and almost all of them are positive. The novelties are praised for the improved display, larger battery, powerful processor and amazing cameras.


We have already told you what they think about the new iPhone the world's largest publications. In the same article, we decided to combine the advantages of new products that were noted by the authors of the first reviews.

Design and Face ID


  • Stronger glass than iPhone X.
  • New coating called Physical Vapor Deposition to improve the strength of steel frames.
  • Improved stereo speakers.
  • Face ID is about 0.5 seconds faster than iPhone X. This seems like a small change, but in fact the difference is noticeable.



  • Apple used some of the best displays on the market iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. These panels reach brightness levels of 611 and 606 nits, respectively. For comparison, the Galaxy Note 9 has a maximum brightness of 604 nits. By the way, in this article we did a comparison between Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max.
  • OLED – New iPhone displays cover over 123% of the sRGB range. True, this is still less than the Galaxy Note 9 with its 224%.
  • The color accuracy in iPhone Xs and Xs Max is higher than that of the Note 9. The Delta-E color deviation for iPhones is 0.25 and 0.22, respectively (less is better). the Note 9 has a distortion level of 0.34.
  • Although the iPhone Xs Max has a larger screen, it displays the same information as the smaller model. Thus, you do not lose in functionality when buying a lower model.


iPhone - xs-front-camera-hero-shot

  • The camera improvements in iPhone Xs are significant compared to iPhone X. According to The Verge, against the background of the quality of photos from new iPhones, photos with iPhone X “in most cases look awful. ”
  • Although cameras in iPhone are technically no better than in Google Pixel 2, thanks to sophisticated software and correct settings, iPhone shots look better and more accurate in color reproduction.
  • The new Depth setting blurs the background realistically to simulate DSLR shots. The iPhones have this effect better than the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S9 / Note 9.

Other features

iPhone - XS-battery

  • The Wireless Charging Conduit has been reinforced to keep the iPhone Xs charged even when placed unevenly on a mat or stand.
  • Both devices charge approximately 30 minutes faster than iPhone X using the same wireless charging cradle.
  • The iPhone Xs Max has more battery capacity than the Galaxy Note 9, albeit slightly inferior to the Pixel 2 XL.
  • Gigabit LTE provides significantly faster upload and download speeds than LTE-A.

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