Firmware iOS 11 GM has confirmed several details about iPhone 8

Thanks to iOS 11 GM, 16 new wallpapers were added to the network, which will be part of iOS 11, it was confirmed that LTE will be added to Apple Watch, and also several new ones became known details about iPhone 8.

iPhone - 8-design

Firmware iOS 11 GM iPhone 8 is codenamed 'D22' and will have a new Portrait Lighting mode. This will be an updated portrait mode like the iPhone 7 Plus, and it will create a depth effect using a variety of flash effects. The effects will include studio lighting, contour lighting, natural lighting, and mono lighting.

Most likely, the feature will be released for beta testing first, just like last year's portrait mode.

The firmware also had information that iPhone 8 would be able to record 4K video at 60fps. The following options will be available:

  • 1080p HD, 240fps
  • 4K, 24fps (like movies)
  • 4K 60fps (best quality, smoother shooting)

Like iPad Pro, iPhone 8 will have a True Tone Display function that automatically adjusts the screen brightness to suit lighting conditions. The firmware says that the screen resolution is 1125 × 2436.

The notch-in-display design that has long been known has been confirmed. The official name of the face recognition technology is Face ID.

Firmware iOS 11 GM has confirmed several details about iPhone 8

In addition, there was information in the firmware that Apple would release an update AirPods. The image shows that the charging indicator will now be outside the case, so you don't have to open it to check the battery percentage.

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