Firmware iOS 11 GM could get into the network due to a disgruntled employee Apple

Apple is considered one of the most secretive companies in the world, but since the release of the first iPhone, the company has regularly had problems leaking information about unreleased devices. However, the hit of the firmware iOS 11 GM for the tenth anniversary iPhone became the most ambitious in the history of the company.

iPhone - 8-design

Firmware iOS 11 GM has revealed information about the official names of new models iPhone 2017, the new Face ID technology, the status bar iPhone X, as well as a new function, with which users can create animated emoji with their own facial expressions.

In addition, in the leaked firmware, information was found about new Apple Watch 3 series and updated AirPods, which Apple should present on September 12.

You can also download all new wallpapers iOS 11 which will look great on OLED – display iPhone X.

The person who published the firmware publicly may be a disgruntled employee Apple. While we love to write about leaks, we regret that this person let down his colleagues who have been hard at work on the 10th Anniversary iPhone for over a year.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball wrote:

From what I understand, anyone could download the firmware, but they were stopped by a long URL that was impossible to guess. Someone from Apple posted a list of URLs [..] [..] I'm pretty sure this was not a mistake, but a deliberate act of a disgruntled employee Apple. Whoever did this is clearly not the most popular person in Cupertino.

The URLs were impossible to guess, but making them public was an odd decision, especially since it is pretty easy to find information in the firmware. A company like Apple could password protect addresses and add another layer of protection like two-factor verification, and that would help identify the source of the leak.

We are confident that Apple will investigate and find out who posted the URLs, but what has been done cannot be fixed.

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