FastUnlockX tweak allows you to unlock iPhone X without touching the screen

Unlocking iPhone X consists of 3 steps. Bring it to your face or touch the screen, look at the smartphone, and then swipe up on the screen to completely unlock it.


Some users find the last step of the process unnecessary. If you are one of them, you can use the FaceUnlockX jailbreak tweak to speed up the unlocking process.

After installing the tweak, your iPhone X will automatically unlock as soon as you look at it. You no longer need to swipe up the screen.

The tweak does not unlock the smartphone when music is playing or there are notifications on the lock screen, as this would be inconvenient. Accordingly, you can still control music from the lock screen, as well as view notifications.

Some will find it inconvenient to unlock iPhone X at a glance, but some will find the FaceUnlockX tweak very useful. In the list below you will also find other useful and handy tweaks for iOS 11.

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