Face ID will be the main advantage iPhone 8

Bloomberg has summed up all the new features iPhone 8. The material proves that although Apple and does not always introduce some technology first, the company is able to improve each of them like no other.


This year Apple will release as many as three new iPhone, but all attention is focused on only one – iPhone 8. This is a new premium model with OLED -display and frameless design, face recognition and other new features.

Bloomberg has listed all the new features iPhone 8, which include face recognition, inductive charging, wake-up on tap, narrow bezels and a virtual home button. However, the story says that other companies have overtaken Apple in all of these technologies. That said, technology Apple is sure to be better than the rest, as the company focuses on making the smartphone experience as enjoyable as possible.

Face ID will be the main advantage iPhone 8

The article says that the virtual home button will be much better than its counterparts on devices Android. In addition, the vertical dual camera will improve the performance of augmented reality applications.

Face recognition was called the 'main advantage' in the article iPhone 8. In addition to unlocking the device, it will also be used for payments Apple Pay. The 3D sensor will be able to recognize the user's face and unlock the phone in 'a few hundred milliseconds'. Many phones Android already have face recognition technology, but it doesn't work in poorly lit rooms. To avoid this problem, Apple has added infrared sensors to the front panel so that they can recognize the user's face even in total darkness.

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