Face ID was tricked with a mask and cosmetics

Vietnamese mobile security company Bkav said it was able to unblock iPhone X by bypassing Face ID. For this they used a special mask printed on a 3D printer, but ordinary users have absolutely nothing to fear.


The mask is a 3D printed blank with makeup, a silicone nose and even 2D facial fragments pasted on top. In the demo video, the same iPhone X reacted in the same way both to the mask and to the user from whom it was made. According to Bkav, this proves the imperfection of Face ID.

Note that during the presentation iPhone X in September, Marketing Director Apple Phil Schiller said the company “worked with professional mask makers and Hollywood makeup artists” in the process of creating Face ID. To train the neural network iPhone X, a whole collection of masks was even created.

However, in reality, masks like the one created in Bkav pose no threat. Not only is it extremely difficult and expensive to make them. But they also require direct participation in the process of the person from whom the mask is made.

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