Face ID tested on identical twins

To test Face ID's ability to recognize faces, Business Inside's YouTube channel invited identical twins. One of them tried to unlock iPhone X, which had a 3D model of his brother's face in memory.


At the beginning of the video, the actual wearer consistently donned sunglasses, a hat, and a scarf to see if Face ID could work with additional accessories. The sensor coped with the task – and even when all three “camouflage tools” were used simultaneously.

Despite the seemingly complete visual similarity between the brothers, the smartphone was unlocked only for one of them. He commented:

I was really shocked that iPhone X was actually able to tell the difference between me and my brother – given that we often cannot be distinguished even by family members. So yeah, nice to know that Brian won't be able to unlock mine iPhone and I can't unlock him.

As a reminder, the first batch of iPhone X will go on sale on November 3rd. All published reviews and tests of the device were made thanks to the program Apple for the preliminary sending of new models to bloggers and journalistic publications.

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