Face ID on iPhone X will only be able to recognize one face

At the presentation, Face ID said that this technology was a big step forward in the field of security, and that it would be the best alternative to the Touch ID technology it replaced.

iPhone - X-Face-ID-security

To protect the device as much as possible, Apple decided that one smartphone will recognize only one face. TechCrunch writes that immediately after the release of iPhone X in November, it will only be able to recognize one face. For some users, this is not the most convenient option. Those who do not allow anyone to use their phone without permission will not be affected in any way.

But there are people who don't mind having family members or friends using their phones. And for them, the support of just one person will be a problem. Parents used to be able to enroll their kids' fingerprints so they could play games on their phones. Face ID doesn't work that way. Full access cannot be given even to your soulmate.

Fortunately, there will be a password that you can tell your child or lover, and they can unlock your phone. Many people are too lazy to enter a password every time, many simply forget it, but now this is the only option.

Perhaps Apple will add multi-face support when Face ID appears on iPad.

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