Face ID does not see the difference between brothers

Face ID is called one of the most controversial features iPhone X. Although in one of the previous tests the smartphone was able to distinguish identical twins, some of the users note that the scanner worked on their relatives.


In this case, it is not at all necessary that people be twins or just very similar. In the video above, the owner of iPhone X reveals that his brother can unlock his smartphone, although they are not twins and the difference is noticeable. Interestingly, both of them wear glasses, and the iPhone will not recognize the brother without glasses.

And in the next video, the smartphone reacts in the same way to brothers, despite the big age difference. The video was filmed so that everything that happens in the room could be seen through the mirror. This is done in order to prove that it was the child who unlocked the smartphone, and not his older brother.

Apparently, Face ID is still not as perfect as we would like. We can only hope for machine learning: in theory, over time, the scanner should recognize the user faster and more accurately.

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