Employees Apple are testing Apple Pay Cash on iOS 11.1

Service Apple Pay Cash was introduced with iOS 11 earlier this year, but the function was not yet ready for the public release of the system.

Apple - Pay-Cash-try-fail

As a result, there have been many different versions of when the function will launch. Apple has already confirmed that it will appear with one of the updates iOS 11, but did not specify a specific release date. Most of the rumors point to the end of October, and there is already information that can confirm this.

According to the MacRumors website, one of the employees Apple said that they are already testing Apple Pay Cash, and the service will be released with the update iOS 11.1. Employees are given a certificate granting access to this function.

The site also has several images, one of which shows the process of setting up the feature. Another image shows a failed attempt to send money from one user to another. The reason for the error is that one of the devices did not support Apple Pay Cash.

When Apple Pay Cash goes public, users can quickly send money to their friends and family directly through Messages.

Apple Pay Cash is one of the major new features of iOS 11, so it'll be great to finally try it out.

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