Drop test video iPhone X

Sales of iPhone X have officially started, and, of course, various drop tests have already been conducted with it. For comparison, the same tests were run with iPhone 8 to see which model is stronger.

iPhone - 8-drop-test

Before dropping phones from different heights, the blogger in the video below put UAG cases on them to see if the glass breaks in them. As expected, nothing happened to both models and passed the first test easily.

But without the covers, the fun began. iPhone X was dropped from various heights of almost two meters, and also from different angles, but neither the front nor the back panel broke or even cracked. Moreover, there is almost no damage left on the steel frame. The strength of iPhone X is particularly noticeable compared to iPhone 8. Its back panel shattered when dropped from shoulder height, and the frames were bent and scratched.

Alas, iPhone X still didn't survive the drop tests completely. After several crashes, the Face ID sensor stopped working. Considering the complex design of the Face ID module and how many problems with its production, this is not surprising. However, the strength of the case iPhone X is impressive and should satisfy many owners of the new model.

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