Concept video iPhone SE 2 as thumbnail iPhone X

iPhone SE was a pretty good model for Apple. It is rumored that the company will release an updated version of it. A concept video has even appeared on the web of how iPhone SE 2 might look.


It should be noted that Apple has not yet confirmed the release of the updated model, and there are different rumors regarding it. So far, this video should be viewed as a fan project.

The video was published on the Concepts portal iPhone, and Gounod Li was listed as the designer. The most important feature that differs from the original model is the price of the smartphone. This time, the entire front side of the case is occupied by the screen. Conceptually, Apple could release a smaller iPhone X at a low cost.

The bezels are as thin as possible, and the back panel is also made of glass, like in iPhone X. However, the device does not have a dual camera, instead it shows a standard one with one lens. It is not clear from the video whether the device has Face ID, but this is very likely due to the absence of the Home button.

The idea is definitely ambitious, and it is unlikely Apple will bring it to life, given the problems with the supply of parts for iPhone X. So far, it is not even clear if iPhone SE 2 in general, but if so, it would be nice if it looked like this.

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