Concept iPhone X 2018 with reduced notch and bezels

The bezel-less design iPhone X already gives it a futuristic look, but new renders iPhone X 2018 from iDrop News show even thinner bezels and a small notch.

iPhone - X1-concept

Apple is unlikely to make significant changes to Face ID on the new iPhone X, so you shouldn't expect a reduced notch. Most likely, this will only happen after generation iPhone X, in 2019. Perhaps Apple it will be possible to embed Face ID functionality directly into the front camera, and thanks to this, the size of the notch will be reduced.

Concept iPhone X 2018 with reduced notch and bezels

On renders, the new iPhone X is called iPhone XI, and it has thinner borders. So the smartphone looks even more futuristic, but it is unlikely that Apple will be able to reduce the already thinnest display frames, since they are necessary in order to protect the display in case of falls, and their reduction can lead to serious problems.

Concept iPhone X 2018 with reduced notch and bezels

In addition, the iDrop Newz team would like to see a new iPhone XI dual SIM slot. This is a very likely outcome, since such rumors have already circulated. Dual SIM support has become very popular in Asia, especially in China and India, where almost every flagship has it.

iPhone The XI in the images above looks great, but keep in mind that this is just an unofficial concept. Apple will definitely bring some design changes to iPhone X 2018, but they won't be as significant as in the 2019 flagship. At best, the company uses more durable glass and frames, which will make the new one iPhone more reliable.

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