Code iOS 11 GM contains information about the new iPod touch with Face ID

Soon we may have a seventh generation iPod touch, and it may even have Face ID, a facial recognition technology from Apple.


Benjamin Geskin managed to find 11 Gold Master lines in the leaked firmware code iOS with the mention of 'iPod8,1'.

Even more interesting, one particular line of settings says that the user can 'unlock the iPod with their face', which means that the next iPod touch can add support for Face ID.

However, Geskin warned that if the new iPod touch is in development, Face ID may not be on it. These lines could have been added to the code for further consideration.

Recently Apple discontinued iPod nano and shuffle.

NEW iPod8,1 found in iOS 11 GM.

In the GM it says “Unlock you iPod with your Face” in one of the strings for

– Benjamin Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin1) September 11, 2017

The latest version of the player was released in 2015, it had a 4-inch Retina display, an A8 processor and 16 to 128GB of storage.

Yesterday, developer Jeffrey Grossman found information that Face ID can be added to iPad.

Looks like Face ID will work with Apple Pay, and it may be coming to the iPad and iPod touch as well.

– Jeffrey Grossman (@ Jeffrey903) September 10, 2017

If the next iPod touch comes with Face ID, it should have an A9 or A10 processor that can handle 3D facial recognition technology.

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