Blocking accounts Apple ID is not the fault of a system bug

Over the past few days, numerous user complaints have appeared on social networks that their accounts Apple IDs have been blocked for security reasons.

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Many accounts have been blocked after being asked to enter their password. After entering the correct password, a message appeared stating that the account was blocked.

The message says: 'Your Apple ID has been blocked for security reasons. To unblock it, you need to verify your identity. ' After users clicked on the 'Unblock' button, they needed to answer security questions or go to the support site Apple and verify their identity there in order to access their account again.

The system status page Apple shows no signs of unusual activity. Sources, which may be employees of the company, claim that this is not related to a bug. In any case, a very small percentage of users faced the problem.

Perhaps this is a hacker attack. All victims could have used a specific application that enticed their Apple ID data by faking a password request. There is also a possibility that this is an attack on accounts that are not protected by two-factor authentication.

According to Apple, if you or someone else enters your password incorrectly, answers questions and fills in other information, the account will be automatically blocked. Because of this, you will not be able to access services for some time Apple.

If your account Apple ID has been blocked for security reasons, one of the following warnings may appear:

  • 'This account Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.'
  • 'Login failed because your account has been locked for security reasons.'
  • 'This account Apple ID has been blocked for security reasons.'

If you're using two-factor authentication, you'll need a trusted device or phone number to unlock the Apple ID.

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