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The new ones iPad Pro have a frameless design, there is no Home button, but they have Face ID technology. And the new Apple Pencil attaches to the magnetic insert on the side iPad. Finally. Apple first redesigned iPad since Steve Jobs introduced the first model. This is a great event. Below we will tell you about all the changes of the new iPad Pro.

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Frameless design

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The Home button is gone, so the new screen iPad occupies almost the entire front panel, and the corners of the tablet are rounded. In addition, it has become lighter and thinner. The tablet is only 5.9mm thick, which is a whole millimeter thinner than the previous generation. The 11 “iPad Pro weighs 468g and the 12.9” weighs 631g.

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The size of the 11-inch model remains the same, but the screen is larger. The size of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also impressive: the screen remains the same, but the tablet itself has become much smaller. Its size has decreased by 25%.

Liquid Retina display

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The newer iPad Pro LCD have displays, but they are better. This is the same display as iPhone XR. Apple calls it Liquid Retina. It has 264 pixels per inch and all the same features as the past iPad Pro: ProMotion technology, wide color gamut, True Tone technology and Apple Pencil support.

Face ID

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Face ID works on iPad no matter where you hold it. The front camera sits on top of the display in a vertical position, but recognition works great in horizontal position too. Even holding the tablet upside down, Face ID will still work.

Face ID works with Apple Pay too. In addition, the new front camera provides Animoji and Memoji functionality.

No Home button

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New iPad joined the iPhone XS line – now all navigation is done with gestures. Instead of a Home button, there is a Home indicator on the screen. To return to the home screen or unlock your tablet, simply pull the indicator up. Control Center opens from the top right corner of the screen.

A12X Bionic processor

The processor inside the new iPad Pro is just a monster. It consists of an 8-core CPU with 4 maximum power cores and 4 energy-efficient cores. All 8 cores can work simultaneously! This is serious power. The new processor runs 90% faster under maximum load.

The 7-core GPU Apple is just as impressive – it performs twice as well.

New Apple Pencil

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Apple Pencil Gen 2 has been greatly improved. Now it is not round, but with one flat side and a matte finish, making it easier to hold in your hand. In addition, the stylus has become smaller. It attaches to the side of the new tablet with a magnetic mount and automatically charges from it without any wires.

In addition, there is a gesture recognition surface on the flat side. For example, you can double-tap the stylus to quickly switch between brush and eraser in Notes. Gesture actions will vary by application.

There is a new Apple Pencil 10,790 rubles.

Smart Keyboard Folio

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Smart Keyboard has also been updated for new ones iPad. It still attaches to the tablet with a magnet and works the same, but now it can be positioned at two different angles. Alternatively, you can double-press the Space bar to activate Face ID and unlock your tablet.

Smart Keyboard Folio for 11-inch model costs 14,990 rubles, and for 12.9-inch – 16,490 rubles. If you don't need a keyboard, you can buy the Smart Folio itself.


The unthinkable happened – the Lightning connector was replaced with a USB-C connector. It's not Thunderbolt but USB-C 3.1 with 10Gbps. Now you can connect cameras, flash cards, etc. to the tablet. When you connect any device, the corresponding application will open.

Thanks to the USB-C connector, new iPad can be connected to full-fledged monitors that will work as extensions. You will be able to edit videos on iPad while looking at the big screen. Now iPad even supports 5K displays!

1TB memory

This is a very important part for professionals, iPad Pro now contains up to 1TB of memory. It is very expensive and unnecessary for most users. However, for those who work with editing files in Photoshop or with video editors, the additional memory will definitely come in handy.

No headphone jack

Apple removed the headphone jack from the new ones iPad Pro. If you want to listen to music while you work, you need wireless headphones. Even Lightning headphones cannot be connected to new tablets.

18W power adapter

Previously, iPad Pro included a 12W power adapter, but now Apple uses an 18W power adapter. Does this mean that a 10W adapter will be included with the new ones iPhone?

An 11-inch iPad Pro starts at RUB 65,990, and a 12.9-inch costs RUB 81,990. These are options with 64GB of memory. You can order new models now, and they will go on sale on November 7th.

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