Best Cases for iPhone X [Pick # 2]

Sales of iPhone X started last week. Like the previous models iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X is made of glass and protected by steel frames on the sides. This makes the phone look very premium and very pleasant to the touch, but at the same time the glass makes it very fragile. Glass is glass, and it breaks when dropped. However, Apple assures that iPhone X glass is the most durable of all smartphones.


Given the high cost of repairs, it is best to wear the iPhone X in a case. It will not be so pleasant to the touch, but at least you will be calm for its safety.

The next question arises: which case to choose? Due to the popularity of iPhone X, there is a huge selection of cases for it, but not all of them are worth your money. We have collected for you those for which money is definitely not a pity to spend.

Spigen air skin

Best Cases for iPhone X [Pick # 2]

If you want a quality case, choose any from the manufacturer Spigen. The covers from this company are very well made and look no worse.

The best case in the Spigen line for iPhone X is Air Skin. This minimalist case is made from polycarbonate plastic with a coating that does not leave fingerprints. It will provide good fall protection. The case has cutouts for all buttons and the main camera. In addition, it extends slightly to the front of the phone to protect it from falling with the display down.

➤Spigen Air Skin

Dbrand skin

If you don't like cases, but still want to protect your smartphone, a vinyl sticker from Dbrand will help you. This sticker will provide sufficient protection for everyday use. The sticker will adhere perfectly to the glass body. Dbrand provides a wide variety of colors and prints, and you can even create your own designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Decals in the form of wood and leather look especially good. They also protect your phone from drops. However, the display will not be protected in any way, so you still have to be careful.

➤Dbrand Skin

Leather case from Apple

Best Cases for iPhone X [Pick # 2]

If you like expensive items and spend a lot of money, the official leather case from Apple is for you. It is made of European leather, very soft to the touch on the outside, and the inside is covered with a microfiber lining, thanks to which the glass will definitely not be scratched. The case will make the phone heavier but also provide excellent drop protection.

➤ Apple Leather Case

Lifeproof Frē

Best Cases for iPhone X [Pick # 2]

Want to take your iPhone X into the wild? Then buy the Lifeproof Frē case, which will become your perfect travel companion. The case enhances the water resistance iPhone X so that it can be taken into the water. It also provides protection for the screen from all possible angles. Despite its bulky design, the case does not affect the functionality of the smartphone in any way, including Face ID. You will have to fork out for such a case, since it costs as much as $ 90.

➤Lifeproof Frē

Tech21 Pure Clear

Want to protect your brand new iPhone X while still showing off its special design? Tech21's Pure Clear Case will help you with that. The company says it will protect the phone from drops up to 2 meters.

Unlike other clear cases, Pure Clear is scratch-resistant. Plus, it won't turn yellow over time.

Best Cases for iPhone X [Pick # 2]

➤Tech21 Pure Clear

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