Best Apps for iPhone X

iPhone X has a new large display, a new screen resolution, and a new design with rounded edges and a notch. Many apps have been updated for the famous notch, and some have used it as well.

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We have compiled a selection of the best apps for iPhone X for you.


Best Apps for iPhone X

VSCO remains the best photo editing app for beginners. It takes better pictures than the stock Camera app. And with filters, your photos look even better. VSCO has recently been updated to fit the screen size iPhone X.

Download: VSCO

2. Halide

Best Apps for iPhone X

Halide is a professional camera with a simple design. There are many options in the app, from RAW with manual focus and ISO to fully automatic JPEG. And switching from auto to RAW is easy. In addition, Halide is one of the few applications that uses 'ears' on the sides of the notch. Information about the photo is shown there.

If you want to take great pictures with your iPhone X, then Halide is worth starting. Shoot in RAW and then edit your photos.

Download: Halide ($ 4.99)


Best Apps for iPhone X

1Password is one of the best password management apps out there. Here you can choose where your encrypted data will be stored (locally, on a Mac, in Dropbox or in their service). The updated version uses Face ID, which greatly simplifies the process of entering passwords.

Now when you start 1Password, you don't have to do anything at all. Face ID will scan your face and authorize you in the app. The same goes for filling in passwords from third-party applications.

Download: 1Password

4. Overcast

Best Apps for iPhone X

In the Overcast application, the interface has once again been changed, but all those functions that everyone loves so much remain: Smart Speed, Voice Boost and Smart Playlists. The app has been updated to iPhone X and now takes up the entire screen.

In addition, a new dark mode has been added to it, which looks great on OLED – display iPhone X.

Download: Overcast

5. Apollo

Best Apps for iPhone X

Apollo is a new client for Reddit that has been in development for over a year. It was created specifically for iOS. The app looks good and is easy to use. It also has a dark mode.

Download: Apollo

6. Pcalc Lite

Best Apps for iPhone X

Pcalc Lite is the best calculator. It has been updated under iPhone X and looks incredible on high screen. It uses rounded edges iPhone X, and the top is black to mask the notch.

Download: Pcalc Lite

7. YouTube

Best Apps for iPhone X

The Millions' Favorite App has been updated for iPhone X. By default, full-screen YouTube videos play with borders, but you can stretch them to fill the entire display area. However, some of the content will be covered by a notch.

If you're watching high-definition videos (like Marvel movie trailers), YouTube will automatically stretch them to full screen.

Download: YouTube

8. Carrot Weather

Best Apps for iPhone X

At the moment, Carrot Weather is the best weather app in which all important information is collected on one page. In it you can get weather data for your region. In addition, you can customize all the data displayed on the page and select only the ones that interest you.

Download: Carrot Weather ($ 4.99)

9. Snapseed

Best Apps for iPhone X

Snapped is the best free photo editor for iPhone. We included it in the list even though it hasn't been updated to iPhone X. Even so, it works fine. It is very easy to import a photo in the application, edit it and save the result. You can use the Tune Image function, which allows you to quickly change brightness, contrast, dim / dim, saturation, etc.

Download: Snapseed

10. Instagram

Best Apps for iPhone X

Instagram is one of the best social networks. The update for iPhone X uses a notch – the navigation is on the sides of it. And it's all. It does not contain any other changes.

Download: Instagram 1

11. Focos

Best Apps for iPhone X

Focus is a third-party portrait editing application. If you love taking portraits, we recommend that you install this application. People are great in portrait mode, but subject shots aren't always perfect.

In Focus, you can choose which part of the frame to focus on. It even allows you to change the intensity and type of blur. The 'pro' version (for $ 0.99 / month) contains more blur options.

Download: Focus

12. Spotify

Best Apps for iPhone X

The best alternative Apple Music has been updated for iPhone X. Due to the dark application interface, the notch is not visible at all.

Download: Spotify

13. Workflow

Best Apps for iPhone X

The best app for automatic actions on iPhone (which Apple even bought) has also been updated for iPhone X. It now supports the 'drag and drop' function as well.

Download: Workflow

14. Spark

Best Apps for iPhone X

Spark is the best free email app. The update on iPhone X shows more emails thanks to its tall screen.

Download: Spark

15. Coinbase

Best Apps for iPhone X

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, the best option is the Coinbase app. It has already been updated for iPhone X. It has beautiful diagrams and design elements stretched to full screen. In the app, you can buy bitcoins directly at iPhone, and setting it up takes a couple of minutes.

Download: Coinbase

16. Snapchat

Best Apps for iPhone X

Snapchat has been updated to accommodate iPhone X screen resolution. It is also one of the few apps that uses TrueDepth camera sensors. The new technology makes masks look better, and faces are better defined in videos.

Download: Snapchat

17. Reeder 3

Best Apps for iPhone X

Reeder 3 is the best RSS app for iPhone and it has also been updated for screen resolution iPhone X. The best thing about it is the dark mode with white text. It is very easy to read in it.

Download: Reeder 3

18. Flipboard

Best Apps for iPhone X

If you want to read magazine-style articles, download Flipboard. Due to the screen height iPhone X, more content was displayed in it. In addition, using the application on iPhone X is convenient, since the new model is also controlled mainly by gestures.

Download: Flipboard

19. Instapaper

Best Apps for iPhone X

If you want to read offline, then Instapaper is for you. The new OLED – display is especially pleasant to read. It doesn't have a real dark mode yet, but the dark theme also looks good. In addition, you can choose a font from several options.

Download: Instapaper

20. Vellum Wallpapers

Best Apps for iPhone X

If you are looking for new beautiful wallpapers for iPhone X, download Vellum.

Download: Vellum Wallpapers

Bonus: Apps from Google

Best Apps for iPhone X

Google has also released updates to its apps. But it is immediately clear that the company did not bother with updates. In Maps, interface elements generally go to the Home indicator. Sometimes the icons on the bottom panel cannot be interacted with at all because they are so close to the indicator. It is very easy to accidentally close an application. Hopefully in the next update Google this will fix this.

Download: Google Maps | Google Sheets

Other updates

Many popular apps have also been updated for iPhone X. These include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Netflix, etc. The only change in them is support for large screen resolutions, so there is nothing to write about them.

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