AutoUnlockX , NoSimAlert , Zenith and other new jailbreak tweaks

Pwn20wnd updated its unc0ver jailbreak again this week, so the needs of the jailbreak community are still remembered. Moreover, the developers keep releasing new jailbreak tweaks, which we will tell you about today.

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Below we will tell you about all the new tweaks that came out over the past week, and we'll start as usual with the best ones.

Best tweaks of the week


AutoUInlockX-768 × 663

Face ID is a great feature, but it also has its drawbacks. There are two steps to unlocking with Face ID, but this can be changed.

If you like the idea, you can install the new free jailbreak tweak AutoUnlockX. With it, Face ID will automatically unlock your device if you don't have unread notifications.

The tweak is well thought out, as many users prefer to stay on the lock screen to check if they have new notifications, rather than unlock the device right away. If there are no notifications, the tweak immediately opens the home screen.


NoSimAlert-768 × 456

If you have an old one iPhone without a SIM card, then you definitely came across notifications about its absence. If you are tired of these notifications, the new NoSimAlert tweak will help you remove them.

After installing the tweak, it will immediately remove the annoying notifications about the absence of a SIM card, and you can use the device as usual.

Read more about the tweak in the full review.


Zenith-768 × 438

Folders can help you organize your home screen, but they don't look the best.

The new Zenith tweak allows you to conveniently and beautifully merge applications into invisible folders.

Read more about the tweak in this article.

Other tweaks

AlwaysCharging: The battery gauge always looks like iPhone is charging (free via Packix repository)

Ants: Adds animated ants to your display iPhone (SparkDev beta repository).

FBMInternal: Provides access to the internal settings for Facebook Messenger (free via Packix repository)

InstaNotifyFilter: Sorts notifications from Instagram for your convenience (free via BigBoss repository)

KillMyApps: Automatically force quits recently used apps when they lock your device (free via Packix repository)

Melior: Makes volume control in the system iOS more convenient (SparkDev beta repository).

NotchStatusBar: Adds split status bar iPhone X to other devices from iOS 11 (free via BigBoss repository).

QuietApps: Lets you customize Do Not Disturb, Power Saving and Quiet modes for individual apps (free via Packix repository)

ScrollToTopless: Removes the back to top gesture from the system iOS (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Tincture: Lets you change the color of your app Instagram (free via Packix repository)

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