Augmented reality glasses Apple will be released in 2020, and Apple Car in 2023

Periodically, there are rumors that Apple is working on their own augmented reality glasses, as well as on a car.

Motor-Trend - Apple - Car

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo appreciated all the rumors and expressed his thoughts on the matter. He believes both products will be out by 2025. By 2020 Apple should release its augmented reality glasses. This is a logical move after the ARKit platform was released. Kuo does not give any details, so all that remains is to wait for new information to appear.

In addition, according to the analyst, Apple continues to work on Apple Car or Titan project. Car Apple Car must leave between 2023 and 2025.

There are several reasons for this: (1) Market demand is moving towards the automotive sector as it is being dramatically changed by new technologies. It was the same with smartphones 10 years ago; (2) Advanced technology Apple (as augmented reality) can differentiate a company's car from everyone else; (3) The company will grow strongly by entering the car market; (4) Apple can integrate technology with the system and services better than its current and potential competitors.

Unsurprisingly, the analyst started talking about Apple Car. Doug Field, Chief Transportation Engineer, recently returned to the company. It's been a year since Apple talked about her vision of a self-driving car, but it looks like the company hasn't given up on the idea.

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