Apple working on a column case for AirPods

Apple is working on a charging case AirPods that will also act as a wireless speaker.

Apple - patent - AirPods - charging-case-003

Yesterday, a patent Apple for September 2016 appeared on the network, which says about a new case for wireless headphones. It will allow users to keep listening to music while AirPods is charging.

The patent also mentions other new features AirPods. For example, while charging, you can play music through the speaker, and the case will serve as a wireless transmitter.

Apple working on a column case for AirPods

A radio can be built into the case for wireless audio transmission to the headphones when not in the case. Also, the case may contain a connector for receiving audio from non-wireless devices. The case will be able to transmit audio received from the headphones to connected devices and wirelessly.

Apple working on a column case for AirPods

AirPods will be able to stream music not only from iPhone, but also from the new cover. To connect to several audio sources at once, Bluetooth 5.0 will be used.

We remind you that patents do not mean that the devices described in them will actually come into being. Many of them never come true.

This year Apple will release a new wireless charging case for AirPods and an AirPower charging cradle. According to rumors, the updated AirPods will support the 'Hello , Siri 'and will also be protected from water.

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