Apple will add to the site Apple ID the ability to download data

Recently a lot of attention has been focused on Facebook. The security and privacy of the social network was discussed.

Apple ID

Currently, users Apple cannot view, download, delete, or manage their data. However, this will soon change. The company will update the website Apple ID so that users can manage their data.

On the new site, users will be able to download a variety of data, including photos, contact information, calendars, music preferences, etc. Apple will give users access to all the data that it has access to itself. The company will also allow you to remove your Apple ID from the site, disable your account and edit your personal information.

Website Apple ID will be updated in May this year in Europe. Later, the update will be available to users in other parts of the world.

This company move does not apply to Facebook directly, but it is also related to the new European laws. Apple will open the doors and give users access to more data, and this is good news.

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