Apple tests self-driving cars at Chrysler racetracks

Previously, there were rumors online that Apple was working on his own car Apple Car, but eventually they all died down. Now the story can be continued.

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They said that instead of a whole car Apple I decided to develop only its system software for unmanned driving. It turned out to be true, and Apple is already testing its self-driving technology in California.

Now information has appeared on the network that the company has advanced even further and even conducted several tests at Chrysler racetracks.

'Apple uses old Chrysler racetracks Fiat in Arizona to test self-driving cars, according to our source. This means that one of the largest technology companies in the world is continuing its research into self-driving, despite the failure of the Titan project last year. '

Moreover, there is information that Apple has been hiring auto engineers for several months. Most of the staff have previously worked for other self-driving companies.

'For the last few months Apple has been hiring auto engineers and specialists from other companies. The company intends to conduct tests with unmanned vehicles, or more precisely, with unmanned vehicles. '

Chrysler has a circuit in Yucca, Arizona, and used to be in Wittmann. If Apple is using the old circuit, then it has 5,000 acres of land available. This is a lot.

Recently Apple published a paper on self-driving technology and it looks like it is the company's top priority right now. Even Lexus has a self-driving vehicle. Although Apple is already doing tests, so far there is no information about when the technology will be ready for use.

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