Apple Store employees will not persuade you to buy iPhone X

Just imagine: you go to the brand store Apple to buy iPhone 8, which you have chosen long ago. However, employees in paints talk about the benefits of iPhone X and eventually persuade you to buy. And you seem to be glad that you bought a more advanced device, but you seem to have paid tens of thousands of rubles more than originally planned. Such a scenario may scare off a trip to the Apple Store, however, according to company representatives, this will never happen.


Retail executive Apple Angela Arends told CNBC that employees are not instructed to offer iPhone X to every customer. On the contrary, their installation is to advise a model that suits the needs and budget of the visitor.

In the company we adhere to the motto “iPhone for everyone”. I ask employees to clarify for whom a person buys a smartphone. If this is a gift for a child of 6-7 years old, then he needs one. If iPhone will also be used for study, then this is already different. We do this when consulting Mac and iPad, so why not do the same with iPhone?

Yesterday Apple opened a new flagship store in Chicago, bringing the total of Apple Stores worldwide to 497. On average, they each generate $ 5,079 in revenue per square foot, so there is simply no point in persuading someone to buy the more expensive model iPhone.

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