Apple simplified requirements for Face ID components to speed up production iPhone X

Apple has always been famous for its exactingness and adherence to quality. However, the company had to streamline the specifications for its Face ID camera components to speed up production.

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Bloomberg reports that Apple the technical requirements for the spotlight had to be simplified, which will allow the manufacturer to test and release parts faster.

The spotlight is designed in such a way that the slightest inaccuracy in the manufacture and assembly of components can affect its performance. Due to high standards, one of the suppliers Apple, Finisar Corp, dropped production. LG Innotek Co and Sharp Corp. also faced production problems.

Apple simplified requirements for Face ID components to speed up production iPhone X

It is reported that both companies were able to produce only 20% of the floodlights, as they had to slow down the production process to meet all the requirements Apple.

This slowed down the manufacturing process of iPhone X. To address the issue, Apple simplified some of the Face ID camera requirements. This will reduce the production and testing time of the modules, as well as speed up the entire process.

It is still unclear how the company's decision will affect Face ID. When Apple first introduced iPhone X, it stated that the new technology was safer and more accurate than Touch ID. Considering that Face ID is the only option for biometric authentication, it is unlikely Apple would sacrifice its accuracy.

Apple has been working on Face ID technology for over five years. The company gave its suppliers two years to set up production. But even this was not enough due to the complex arrangement of the components.

Despite this move, the number of iPhone X will still be limited after the release. The company advises to queue up in advance to buy the phone on release day.

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