Apple published a patent on the use of Apple Pencil on iPhone

Apple Pencil is one of the most popular accessories for iPad Pro and many people want something similar for the line iPhone.

Apple Pencil - iPhone Support-patent-1024 × 783

Apple is also not averse to this idea. It is mentioned in a new company patent. We've already seen several patents on how a stylus could work on iPhone, but that was almost a year ago. And now there is another one in which 'mobile phone' is included in the list of devices on which the stylus could be used.

Basically, the patent talks about how the Apple Pencil could determine its position when in contact with the touchscreen. The touchscreen would activate special sensors in the area of ​​pressing the stylus, and the action would take place.

Interestingly, in one of the images we see a wired connection between Apple Pencil and iPhone. However, we are also talking about a wireless connection to the device.

'Figure 8 shows an example of connecting the stylus to iPhone with a cord. But in some examples Apple he writes that devices can be connected using a wireless communication channel, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It looks like Apple is really going to add support for Apple Pencils for future iPhone '.

As mentioned above, a 'mobile phone' could become one of the stylus-enabled devices, so most likely Apple is still working on the idea of ​​using Apple Pencil on iPhone. There is nothing surprising about such a patent, since Tim Cook said that what Apple Pencil could do with iPhone is impressive.

We will most likely have to wait. And, of course, there is a chance that this patent will not be implemented at all.

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