Apple produces 400k iPhone X per week and has problems with TrueDepth camera

Another piece of news about problems with the production of parts for iPhone X. This time it was reported that suppliers Apple were not able to produce parts for the TrueDepth camera. More precisely, there were problems with the production of spotlights.


The WSJ has previously named the camera's 'Romeo' spotlight Face ID. The module receiving the beams transmitted by 'Romeo' was named 'Juliet'. The fact that the company decided to issue iPhone X at a later date had a negative impact on vendor revenues.

Apple has already decided to postpone the release of iPhone X due to other supply issues. Further problems and delays will only make matters worse, as the new phone has generated huge interest from potential buyers.

Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Poo has changed his prediction for the number of future iPhone X, dropping it from 40 to 36 million. He believes that the phone will go into mass production only in mid-October, and it will start shipping from the third week of October. Pre-orders are due to start on October 27, and in stores iPhone X will arrive on November 3.

Another analyst Yun Zhang believes that Apple has managed to increase production of iPhone X from 100 thousand to 400 thousand per week. He thinks the company will ship 20 million phones by the end of 2017 and another 50 million by the beginning of 2018. His research showed that sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus dropped 30% in the first two weeks of October. In addition, sales of iPhone 8 accounted for only 40% of sales iPhone 7 last year.

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