Apple Pencil 2 can add a button

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has revealed new details about the 2nd generation Pencil Apple, which is likely to be presented today. According to Steve, there might be a button on the updated stylus that will perform various tasks.

Apple - iPad - Pro-Pencil

Apple Pencil 2 can also be swiped to change the size and color of the brush as quickly and conveniently as possible. The developer writes: 'I think the new stylus will have a button that you can hold down to perform various actions – tap, double-tap and swipe.'

The button will be like 'right click for iPad'.

For the first time Apple Pencil was presented in September 2015, and it was released two months later. It works with models iPad Pro and iPad 2018 which came out this year.

На сегодняшнем мероприятии 'There’s more in the Making' в Нью-Йорке Apple должна презентовать новые 10- и 12.9-дюймовый iPad Pro, новые модели Mac и др. Это будут первые iPad with Face ID and design similar to iPhone X. In addition, the company may introduce 2 generation headphones AirPods and AirPower charger.

Read how to watch the presentation online here.

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