Apple Park employees injured due to glass walls

Employees Apple have just moved to the new headquarters Apple Park, but have already faced the first problems.

Apple - Park-780 × 536

In particular, at least two people have already been injured at the time of this writing, crashing into glass walls and doors at the headquarters, which was worth Apple $ 5 billion. Fortunately, the injuries were minor and no hospitalization was required. However, it is reported that this may be sufficient to find a violation of California law. Apple may be sued for creating an unsafe work environment for employees.

Apple Park employees injured due to glass walls

It is about a law that states that 'employees must be protected from the danger of crashing into glass by means of special barriers or visible markings'. Apple has not yet replied if Apple Park meets these requirements. It is possible that the labeling is actually there and the fault lies solely with inattentive employees.

But let's be fair: Apple Park employs thousands of people. The fact that two of them were injured because of the glass walls is, of course, an alarming sign, but there is no talk of a mass problem.

As a reminder, Apple Park is considered the building with the largest use of curved glass in the world. More than 3,000 giant glass panels were used for the walls of the four-story building. In total, about 6 km of curved glass was used for construction – and this is not counting doors and fittings.

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