Apple New York store robbed for $ 19,000

iPhone is the most popular device from Apple, so it's no surprise that the smartphone is popular among robbers too. Stores Apple Stores are constantly robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the latest theft in New York is different from the rest.

Apple - Store-Taiwan

As the video footage shows, five hooded men entered the Apple Store in New York, wandered around for a couple of minutes, and then grabbed about 21 smartphones, mostly iPhone X and iPhone 8. Then the criminals fled. There were fewer store employees than robbers, so they didn't even try to do anything. The incident took place on July 6 in the evening.

Robbers stole $ 19,000 worth of smartphones. Their faces are not visible on the tape, so the police are ready to pay $ 5,000 to anyone who provides valuable information about the incident.

Interestingly, a similar theft took place the next day in Fresno, California. Four men entered the Apple Store in the mall, looked around, and then stole several iPhone and iPad from the counters. This theft is estimated at as much as $ 27,000.

iPhone and Macs are locked on store shelves, so robbers are unlikely to be able to sell them. However, they can trick unsuspecting buyers into selling devices at a discounted price. Otherwise, there is simply no sense in crime. You can disassemble the devices and sell them piece by piece, and even this option will make more money than the first.

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