Apple Music not showing up in iTunes? Fix it

If you subscribe to Apple Music on iPhone or iPad and like to use the service on Mac as well, you might be surprised the next time you launch iTunes when Apple Music will no longer appear there.

iTunes + Apple Music

This could be a bug or your mistake. Anyway, we'll show you how to enable Apple Music in iTunes on Mac.

This error is very easy to fix. As with most things, the answer is in the settings.

How to enable Apple Music in iTunes

1) Open iTunes.

2) In the menu go to iTunes> Preferences.

3) Go to General.

4. a) If the box next to Show functions Apple Music is not checked, check it. Also include iCloud Music Library. Click OK to save the settings.

4.b) If the checkbox is already checked, uncheck it, click OK, and then repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 listed above.

Sometimes the music may not be displayed, even if the checkbox next to the option is checked. Such bugs can certainly confuse many users.

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