Apple Music has an unofficial web player

Apple Music is a great service built into iTunes. Many would like it to have its own web player, but Apple has no plans to release it.

Play Apple Music-webplayer

What about the unofficial version? Fortunately, this is now available. A Reddit user who works as a systems developer in his spare time has developed a web player for Apple Music. It contains all the features of the service, including full access to your library, the ability to play music, view recently added songs, and more. So far, the radio stations are not available in the player, and search options are limited, compared to the full version Apple Music.

Nevertheless, this is a perfectly decent unofficial option.

To use this web player you need to login to your Apple Music account. It is very easy to do this with your Apple ID and password. Next, you will need to share your listening history and media library.

  • If you're interested, you can find the web player at this link.

There were rumors in the past that Apple was working on a web player Apple Music, but they never materialized. In any case, the unofficial version is very worthy, even if you are afraid to provide your Apple ID details to third-party services. If you want to listen to music from Apple Music without iTunes, consider this option.

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