Apple made changes to flagship store in Chicago to save birds

Apple has agreed to change the lighting scheme at a new Apple store in Chicago for the fall due to the harm to birds.


According to volunteer organization Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, dead birds have been found near this Apple Store since its opening. The reason for this is too bright night lighting, due to which they lose their sense of space and bump into walls. This often becomes the reason for their death.

Apple this post has been taken seriously and since last Friday night coverage has been minimized. In particular, they turn off all decorative light sources, leaving only those necessary to ensure the work of employees. Such measures were taken at least until the end of the migratory period of birds. The fact is that the flagship Apple Store is located on a major flight path for birds. At the same time, the architects Foster + Partners, who designed the store, said in their report that bird migration will not be a significant problem.

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