Apple is working on a news service in the style of Apple Music

According to rumors, next year Apple plans to launch its own news service. The company will merge the Texture app with Apple News. This step will allow Apple to generate more income.


Apple bought the Texture app last month. It allows users to subscribe to over 200 different magazines for a $ 9.99 monthly fee. Apple fired 20 Texture employees after purchasing the app, and took the rest to the Apple News team.

The Apple News service appeared with the release of iOS 10 and gained high popularity among users. By offering a premium subscription to Apple News, Apple will be able to provide access to premium magazines, which will increase the choice for users. Most likely, the company will receive only part of the profit, while the rest of the money will be transferred to publications.

Like the Texture app, Apple will likely charge $ 9.99 a month and provide access to premium magazines for that. This approach is similar to Apple Music, where for $ 9.99 a month you get access to all the music on the service. However, in the case of publications, the company will be the first to create something like this. Previously, Apple had a Newsstand app that could subscribe to specific magazines, but it was not popular with users. The company's new approach will be innovative and should appeal to readers.

Most likely Apple will release their new service alongside iOS 12 this year.

Apple easily overtakes its competitors by providing a monthly subscription to Apple News and Apple Music. Users will have access to music, news and even movies, all in the company's services. This strategy is similar to the Prime subscription at Amazon.

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