Apple hires Tesla designer Andrew Kim

Rumors that Apple have abandoned their plans to build their own car may be a gross exaggeration.

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2018 is drawing to a close and many still believe that Apple will release Apple Car between 2023 and 2025. Rumors surfaced in August when the company hired Tesla's chief engineer, Doug Field. Even analysts believe that the company will release its own car in the future.

And now Apple has also hired Andrew Kim, the chief designer of Tesla. According to his LinkedIn profile, Kim started at Apple earlier this month. According to his own profile at Instagram, his first day of work was Tuesday:

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Day 1

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Andrew Kim has worked for many large companies including Microsoft where he worked on the Xbox One S, HoloLens, and the interface Windows 10. The designer then left Microsoft and joined Tesla to design the Model S, Model X, 3 and even Model Y cars. He did the interior design of the Model 3 and can now design the car Apple.

So far, everything remains in question. Rumors about the car Apple have been circulating for a long time, but recently it was reported that the company abandoned the idea. Nevertheless, judging by the latest events, a car Apple can still await us in a few years. Of course, unless the company decides to cancel all plans (again).

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