Apple has stopped talking about how to hack Face ID

Until today Apple has been fully confident in the security of its Face ID biometric authentication system. However, now her confidence was shaken.

New - iPad Pro-FaceID

However, we still will not find out how someone could and could manage to hack Face ID. Cyber ​​developer Wish Wu, who was scheduled to speak at the Black Hat Asia conference with a presentation on how to hack Face ID, said his talk has been canceled.

He agreed to cancel his talk because Face ID bypass works only on iPhone X and only under certain conditions. Developer method doesn't work with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Here's what the developer himself said:

We decided to cancel the performance because we were not sure about the reliability and reliability of the research results.

Face recognition is a reliable method of protecting devices. Face ID proves it. In 2017, hackers managed to hack the face recognition system on the Samsung Galaxy S8, so the security of such systems is very important.

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