Apple had to reprogram the roof of his store in Chicago due to snow

Towards the end of 2017, articles began to appear that the unusual shape of the roof of a store Apple in Chicago could lead to problems with snow and icicles.

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Back then it was reported that the shape of the roof, which resembles a closed one MacBook Air, could not cope with the snow. Because of it, a 'moat' of snow formed around the store, and dangerous icicles hung from the roof itself. As a result, the store was even fenced off in security measures.

The shape of the roof was not the cause of the problem. A representative Apple said that the roof has a heating system so that snow does not accumulate on it and icicles do not appear.

This system needed reprogramming. Now the problem has been resolved and, according to a company spokesman, it should not happen again.

'' The heating system is integrated into the roof. It needed to be tuned, and today we reprogrammed it. It was a temporary problem. '

There are no gutters under the roof, but the system is designed so that this does not cause problems – there are four gutters in the roof itself. Now the roof should work as it should, and water from the melted snow should flow down these gutters, and not turn into dangerous icicles.

If there is a concept of 'problem in style Apple', then this situation fits it exactly. Unsurprisingly, many considered the unusual shape of the roof and the lack of gutters to be a problem. The fact that the roof has its own system that needs reprogramming is pretty funny. This is definitely a style problem Apple.

In any case, the problem has been resolved, and nothing else threatens the safety of buyers, which is good.

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