Apple denies Face ID deterioration rumors

Earlier, there was a report from Bloomberg that Apple simplified the requirements for Face ID components in order to increase the pace of production, and this led to a decrease in the accuracy of the technology.

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After so many news and rumors about production problems iPhone X, this report seemed to everyone to be quite true. The fact that Apple chose to downgrade the biometric authentication technology doesn't sound like much anymore, and the fact that the company did it to speed up production sounds horrible.

Apple commented on the issue in standard terms about how customers are intrigued by new technology and the like, but also denied rumors about simplifying the technical requirements for Face ID.

Here's the complete statement:

'Buyers are very intrigued by iPhone X and Face ID technology and we can't wait to receive their phones on Friday 3rd November. Face ID is a powerful and secure authentication system that is very easy to use. The quality and precision of the technology have not changed. The odds of someone else being able to unlock your phone is still 1 in a million.

The Bloomberg news is a complete lie and we are confident Face ID will become the new standard for facial recognition technology. '

Apple did not say anything about whether changes were made, only that the accuracy of Face ID did not decrease. The company may have changed something to speed up production of the iPhone X, but it wasn't Face ID quality.

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