AirPods vs. BeatsX: Which W1 Chip Wireless Headphones Should I Buy?

The BeatsX Wireless Headphones are finally on sale. Some of the few headphones on the market that use the W1 chip from Apple to quickly pair with your device, support the service iCloud, and have a solid reserve of battery capacity. But another development from Apple with a W1 chip has also recently appeared on the market, namely headphones Apple AirPods.

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Both devices have the same price tag and both are virtually from the same manufacturer, but still take different approaches to wireless audio streaming. So which device should you buy? We will help you make a decision.


For the two headphones developed by the company Apple, they preach a very different design philosophy. The difference between the two can be compared to both 'wireless' and 'no wires at all'. BeatsX headphones are wireless, but they have a cable that connects both headphones to each other and is located around the neck. Headphones AirPods are notorious for having no wires from the word 'not at all' and are used independently of each other.

While there aren't many users who complained about the way the headphones AirPods fit and fit neatly in their ears, it's easy to see how many people prefer the BeatsX design. In case one of the headphones AirPods does fall out, then good luck finding it, especially when on the road.

On the plus side, the BeatsX headphones use silicone earbuds and a remote control for play / pause and volume. These features make these headphones the best choice for jogging and vigorous exercise. The 'wireless' concept used in the design is arguably less loss-safe than headphones like the PowerBeats3, but clearly defeats the 'no-wire' concept when it comes to running exercises.

Sound quality

Don't buy headphones AirPods if you want superior sound quality. The ad from Apple of course does not say this. Almost all reviewers noted that they sound like traditional wired EarPods like the ones that come with iPhone. If you put them on, then there is nothing to brag about.

Early reviews of the BeatsX headphones indicate that they have good bass and sound insulation. This is not surprising, thanks to the presence of silicone tips, which usually block any sounds from the outside well. Headphones AirPods do not have these attachments, so they just sit in your ears. Headphones AirPods will not work for you if you are often in noisy places.

But it should be noted that they don't sound like a terrible thing. Both earbuds AirPods and the BeatsX do an excellent job of reproducing sounds at a decent level. But if you're picky about sound quality, then definitely go for the BeatsX headphones.

Wireless connectivity

In this matter, both devices are not much different from each other, since both devices use a development chip W 1 Apple. In this case, it is worth mentioning once again that there will be something to be proud of if you buy at least one of the two offered devices.

Using the W1 chip allows BeatsX and AirPods devices to instantly connect to iOS devices. If you hold the accessories next to your Mac, with devices iPhone or iPad, you will immediately receive a connection request. One click and you are already in the “game”. No need to mess around with protocol settings Bluetooth.

Another plus is the fact that these headphones are registered in your service account iCloud, thus providing access to them from any of your devices. As you move closer to your computer, both AirPods and BeatsX will switch to your computer's audio stream.

The BeatsX and AirPods devices work fine with OS devices Android, but the product experience Apple really outperforms that of the products here Android. In this category, the devices work the same. But participation in the W1 chip has the most positive effect on the efficiency of the battery, but this is a topic for a separate section.

Battery life

Battery life is incredible for both the BeatsX and AirPods, but each offers different benefits in its own way. BeatsX headphones offer eight hours of continuous use, on par with market leaders like the Jaybird X3 headphones.

An added bonus is the fact that charging the BeatsX headphones for five minutes gives you an additional two hours of playback time. This is an incredibly nice feature of these headphones. Simple charge for a measly five minutes and you can watch a full-length movie.

The headphones AirPods provide five hours of continuous sound versus eight hours for the BeatsX. However, the presence of the charging case, which automatically recharges the headphones when placed in the case, provides 24 hours of use. Recharging these headphones will mean you have to pull them out of your ears more often, but the case will allow you to use the headphones for longer without a nearby outlet than with the BeatsX headphones.

In this case, everything will depend on your preferences and practice of using headphones. What do you need: long continuous use or shorter but more travel-oriented? Let's put it this way: BeatsX are more suitable for long flights, and AirPods are ideal for a long work day when you are constantly distracted and take them out.


BeatsX headphones are currently on sale for £ 999.00. ($ 149.95). Headphones Apple AirPods are on sale for 11,990.00 RUB. ($ 159). In terms of cost, they are almost on par, but nevertheless AirPods they are 1,000 rubles more expensive. But if the amount of accumulated money is in the area of ​​the 5,000 rubles mark, then 1,000 rubles no longer play any role.

If you want superior quality headphones, then I would recommend BeatsX. The better sound quality of these headphones and their more comfortable wearing are the main advantages that allow them to win the race against Apple AirPods. Even if you are very far from playing sports, the difference between them is sufficient.

That being said, if your preference is more freedom from wires and longer battery life, longer than eight hours, then headphones AirPods may be for you. Enjoy the shopping.

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