AirPods lead the wireless headphone market

The wireless headphones AirPods from Apple went on sale last December. And even though it was difficult for some buyers to find them, they sell pretty well.

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According to a new study by NPD, AirPods are leading the wireless headphone market and are still in high demand. The study found that 900,000 pairs of wireless headphones were sold in the US this year, and 85% of them were from Apple.

NPD believes that AirPods sells so well for several reasons including Siri, the brand itself Apple and the W1 chip.

'Since December last year, sales AirPods have accounted for 85% of the US wireless headphone market. With access to Siri and voice commands AirPods, they became a continuation of iPhone. Apple has risen to a leading position in this category due to affordable cost, brand popularity and the W1 chip, which greatly facilitated the process of Bluetooth – connecting with devices iOS and Mac ' .

Price also played a big role in the success AirPods. The NPD survey results further prove that if competing companies want to take a place Apple in the market, they will need 'new features, better sound quality and access to different services'.

In May, a report appeared that 98% of users AirPods are satisfied with their work. Now the best way to purchase AirPods is through resellers, since the online store Apple has been empty for several months. However, the situation is improving – now delivery takes only two or three weeks from the date of order.

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