AirPods can now activate Google Assistant

Like the others Bluetooth – headphones, AirPods are compatible with all smartphones, not just iPhone. However, only iOS provides the full functionality of the accessory. However Google seeks to fix this: with one simple application at Android in AirPods, you can activate the voice assistant Google Assistant.

AirPods ForGA - Android - 780 × 690

When you connect AirPods to iPhone, you can double-tap one of the headphones to turn on Siri. You can ask your assistant to include a song or playlist, create a reminder, or add work meeting information to your calendar.

By default, this only works on iPhone. However, in Google Play added a new application AirPods ForGA that allows you to use the same gesture to activate Google Assistant. The Mountain View Assistant will be able to do the same on Android as Siri on iOS.

The app is designed to work even when the screen is off. This way, when your smartphone is locked, you can still turn on Google Assistant by double-tapping the earbud. The app is absolutely free, has a good rating a Google Play and does not require root rights, so for owners of Android – a smartphone and AirPods this is a must-have.

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