A photo of a camera iPhone 8 with a 3D sensor appeared on the network

Another leak appeared on the network, this time the photo shows a camera iPhone 8 with a 3D sensor. The sensor should be built into the front panel of the smartphone, it will be used for face recognition. The presence of this function has been confirmed more than once, including by a find in the firmware HomePod.

iphone83dsensor-1024 × 672

Analysts consider this sensor special because it consists of three components – a standard front camera, an infrared receiver, and an infrared transmitter. With it, the device will be able to recognize the user's face as accurately as possible. Face ID will be used for authentication and should replace Touch ID entirely in the future.

However, a video was leaked showing a device similar to iPhone with a fingerprint reader. It looks like the phone is going through a quality check process, but this is unlikely in any way to concern Apple. Most likely, this is one of the clones that appear more and more often before the release of a new one iPhone.

iPhone 8 will have a glass case for wireless charging and OLED – a display; there will be no physical home button on the front panel, there will be a virtual one instead. Models iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will be produced with a regular LCD – screen.

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