A new strategy Apple has become known regarding software updates

It was reported last month that Apple will postpone some features that were supposed to be in iOS 12 until next year. This is done in order to focus more on improving the performance and stability of the new software version. Now there are more details about Apple plans for iOS 12 and future system updates.


Apple has changed its software update strategy. The company gave its developers more time to work on new features so that they ended up working properly and free of bugs. If the feature is not ready, developers can postpone its release until next year. Apple will continue to roll out major system updates every year and showcase them at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but employees can decide when their features are ready for public release.

Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software development at the company Apple, spoke about the new strategy for his army of engineers last month, according to a source. His team will have more time to work on new features, and they will not be limited by the release date of the update, as before.

This will not only reduce the pressure on engineers Apple, but also help them make new features more stable and get rid of all bugs.

A source from Apple says that this decision proves that the company deliberately released new features with bugs due to the limited time. This did not happen before, because Apple did not have such a wide range of different devices and their models.

This strategy Apple will be followed for iOS 12 codenamed 'Peace'. The new version will be presented at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference along with new models iPhone in September. The company had to delay the release of some features that were supposed to be in iOS 12. Among them, the new home screen design, CarPlay and the Photos app.

Regardless, there will be a significant new feature in iOS 12, codenamed 'Liberty'. It will allow developers to create one program that will run on iPhone / iPad and macOS. Perhaps standard apps Apple like Home will also appear in macOS. In addition, the update will include a new set of Animoji with a simplified menu. The company also wants to add Animoji to its Facetime calls.

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Apple is also working on new iPad with Face ID technology. Accordingly, Animoji will appear in a new line iPad this year. In iOS 12 the 'do not disturb' feature will be improved, Siri will be integrated with Search, and we will also get a new interface design when importing photos.

The features that have been delayed until 2019 are mainly related to iPad. These include the ability to open multiple windows in one application like tabs in a browser, the ability to open one application in two different windows, and the new Apple Pencil features.

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